3 Jahre Ärger von Mecklenburger Bürokraten
3 Jahre Ärger von Mecklenburger Bürokraten
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Spiegelartikel: Saving the Palaces of the German Hinterland - From Dream to Dump

Die Lektuere dieses englisch sprachigen Spiegelartikels lohnt sich:


The article misses some of the main and major reasons for the Dream to Dump development in the 'New East'.

Investors get hassled and mistreated in incredible ways by former Communist local government workers out of their new plush jobs in the Democratic government. This leads to fewer investments, fewer jobs, and steady migration of thousands of the most capable people to major Western cities, such as Hamburg. Mecklenburg in all its veritable size has now fewer inhabitants, than Hamburg on its small area.

The reader can follow our particular example at http://behoerdenblog.gut-westenbruegge.de

I do not know all the particulars of the Johannstorf case mentioned in the article, but one of the reasons for major delays was, that the investor, who beforehand became very successful with his huge Gut Wotersen estate in the German West, was not able to get the adjoining lots purchased from the government agency entrusted to administer the private property stolen by East German communists. Without a well rounded property a major investment makes no sense, as the big bankruptcy of the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm has shown.

The operator of that property was not allowed to fence off his paid property and use it to protect the privacy of his illustrious customers. Local former Communist bureaucrats would not stand for it. So this hotel of former fame as a G8 location with guest George Bush Jr. could not be run profitably afterward. Millions of subsidies went to the dumpster.

The Kummerow estate mentioned in the article is surrounded by low class rental blocks and has right on its property the local soccer court in plain view from the manor to the lake. How is local government going to weigh the interests of the beer drinking and soccer playing residents living off tax revenues against the right of way straight through capitalist Kunert’s property and his likely equally despised artsy fartsy tax paying guests from remote Berlin. It much depends on whether these bureaucrats are (former) Communists or were ever replaced. Two previous owners have given up on Kummerow.

Similar to buyer Kunert I myself have lived in California for over 12 years and hold U.S. citizenship. I came back here with this very same enthusiasm and was quickly readjusted by former Communist local government duces such as the Amtsleiterin Mazewitsch or the county legal supervisor Graner, who are not at all interested in the prosperity of the region and work their best to hamper it. Please note: These are employed apparatchiks, not elected representatives.

Their people would stand beside you in the newly purchased building of former beauty destroyed by their system, stare at the ceiling behind you and say to you: '... Looks like a biiiig project …' as in the sound of: 'You poor idiot …' Five years and a million Euros later these very same people stand on your private lawn facing the newly rebuilt chateau, telling you: 'Oh boy, didn’t we ever leave this to you much, much too cheap.'

I believe there is not going to be prosperity, performing people returning, and sizeable investments in great old buildings until at least the heads of government agencies with any Communist past are completely cleaned out.

No government worker, who has ever worked for the Communist government in any remote way, should be entrusted with heading any democratic government agency, be it however miniscule. After WW II American occupants did their best to make sure, this did not happen with Nazis. To this day no one takes care, it ends for Communists.
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